Deep Sea Life

by Roy Rajabally

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    Kasia from Poland wrote:
    '' Pleasant. It is indeed oceanic, but not in a "painfully" obvious way. It shows your comprehension of what the ocean expresses (gosh, that sounds too poetic) and it depicts the scenery / environment accurately, which is nice. I like the general idea, it's something quite exciting for me. I like to see places being "converted" to music, both in a artistic and straight-forward way. By the first I mean compositions that make you see certain places when you close your eyes, while they don't use any actual sounds present there. By the second, a non-modified "soundtrack" of a place - I've once heard such thing recorded near Iguaçu Falls, great thing. ''
    (Extra Note: she listened to it while bathing in a bathtub for further immersion.)
    Robert from England wrote:
    '' Well done - it's a very involving and unusual piece, and it captures the oceanic realm well (without using the typical means / sounds / motifs composers usually go for when trying to evoke aquatic stuff). I like that there is a humorous / odd element too in the rhythms and sounds, because I find humour in weird deep sea creatures. I was expecting your piece to be very cinematic / 'washy' / droney / resonant (which I also really like), but it was a very different take on the subject: it's kind of subtle and squishy and dry and quirky instead (without being stupid or over the top). ''
    Adrien from France wrote:
    '' Interesting! Felt immersive. I could really picture myself diving into the big blue. The melody creates this sense of weirdness and danger, that makes you curious to "see" more, but in the meantime makes you feel a little nervous, and claustrophobic. I don't know exactly why, but the weirdness of the atmosphere somehow reminded me of the Fantastic Planet. I could really picture this song in a cartoon with surreal imagery. ''
    (Extra Note: he listened to it with the lights turned off and speakers at a loud volume.)
    Thomas from Hungary wrote:
    '' That's... strange... I'm a bit creeped out by alive fishes underwater, and I got that feeling while listening to your tune. I guess it gives back well the feeling of being underwater! Either way, very interesting. ''
    Jesse from the Netherlands wrote:
    '' Bit too ambient for me and not much melody, but that was to be expected. I like it more the further it gets in the track. The more I heard it, the more I liked it. I wanted to write 'spacy', but ehm, should I say 'wet'? ''
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"Deep Sea Life" is a piece of music composed almost entirely using fish sounds and underwater recordings of the sea. How much is this idea innovative, I do not know - it might as well be the first tune in the world to use the exceptional sonic qualities and textures of the lushful marine life (other than the commonly used whales). What I do know is that I am very pleased with the result, for it provided me a journey into the deep, dark waters that cover our planet. I hope you, the listener, will get there as well through these portals we call music.

The idea of making a tune based on fish sounds started when I was 17, when the first elements of this song were composed. It remained forgotten with my files for a long time. In 2013, I've decided to finish this project, adding new things, expanding the original idea, and using my acquired knowledge in these years to finish the piece like I had envisioned in the past.

I suggest you to listen to this at night, in a moment of quietness. It is certainly not a "casual" piece of music. It is more of a soundscape. Below you can see illustrative pictures of some of the species used in this tune. In case you are wondering, the fish sounds you hear were carefully collected from various sources: most of them are recordings made in the early 60's by a north-american research institute. Others come from modern amateur & professional field-recordings with hydrophones. Enjoy!


released April 25, 2013

Thanks to the nice folk at for some of the sounds used in the mix.



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Roy Rajabally Brazil

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